Our Mission


Bird Middle School is a diverse learning community that encourages all students to maximize their full potential and celebrate their achievements.  With a professional and caring staff, we are committed to providing a rigorous education to enable our students to reach their own level of excellence.  Through a collaborative partnership with home and community, we educate all our students to become responsible citizens and life-long learners in a global society.

BMS Mission Statement 

Bird Middle School continues to operate under the mission statement developed as part of the Walpole Public Schools Annual Operating Plan for Curriculum and Instruction:

We believe that every child has a right to an education to his/her maximum capacity regardless of age, ability, or educational need.

We further incorporate the beliefs espoused by the National Middle School Association in their publication This We Believe which includes:

We believe that the middle school is an educational response to the needs and characteristics of youngsters during transescence and, as such, deals with the full range of intellectual and developmental needs.

Young people going through the rapid growth and extensive maturation that occurs in early adolescence need an education program that is distinctively different from either the elementary or the secondary model.

A true middle school evidences the following conditions or characteristics, called essential elements:

  1. Educators Knowledgeable About and Committed to Transescents
  2. A Balanced Curriculum Based on Transescent Needs
  3. A Range of Organizational Arrangements
  4. Varied Instructional Strategies
  5. A Full Exploratory Program
  6. Comprehensive Advising and Counseling
  7. Continuous Progress for Students
  8. Evaluation Procedures Compatible With Transescent Needs
  9. Cooperative Planning
  10. Positive School Climate