High School Transition

Grade 9 Planning


All of the recommendations from teachers have been completed.  (If your child lacks the teacher recommendation and the prerequisites for a desired course, he/she will need to complete a “course request waiver” from the high school web site to gain approval for such a change.)  Waivers must be submitted to Ms. B by June 6th, no exceptions.

By Thursday, April 17th, Ms. Basilotto will have visited all eighth grade classes to explain the elective courses available to 9th grade students and to teach the 8th graders how to select their electives in X2.  

Parents can only view course recommendations and students’ electives in the Student Portal in X2 by having their child log in, clicking ‘Schedule’ on the left side tab, then clicking ‘Requests’. 

Students must select their electives and a minimum of 3 alternate classes in X2 by May 5th, 2014.  After that date, any changes must be done by contacting Ms. Basilotto.

Ms. Basilotto will continue to meet with 8th grade students individually, as needed, to answer more specific questions and to help make selections in X2 from now through the end of May. 

At the end of May, we will send home a list of courses including the teacher recommendations and the electives chosen.  This sheet, called the Course Verification Sheet, must be signed by a parent and returned promptly in order for courses to be scheduled.