MS Summer Reading

Bird Middle School students are required to read a minimum of two books during the summer. All students have one required title based on their grade level and one other book of their choice from the Summer Reading List for a total of two books. See the grade level instructions below. Required Reading TItles

 Students Entering 6th Grade  Refugee by Alan Gratz  Refugee
 Students Entering 7th Grade  Lucy & Andy Neanderthal (Book #1) by Jeffrey Brown  Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
 Students Entering 8th Grade Mark of the Thief (Book #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen   Mark of the Thief


You are encouraged to take notes while reading your required grade level book. A Note-taking Guide and a Chapter Summary sheet are available on our website to help you organize your thoughts. The Social Studies teachers will have an assessment or assignment for you shortly after you start school in September. If you have read the book and taken a few notes, you should be able to successfully complete the assignment.

Summer Reading Activities For the book of your choice from the Summer Reading list, please complete one of the activities listed below. Write a book review. (2,000 characters max.). Provide a brief summary of the plot without giving away the ending. Include a favorite quote from the book (cite the page number) and what you enjoyed about this title. Click here to learn how to post your review in Destiny Discover. Your book review may be published on the BMS Destiny Discover online catalog. Compose a Tweet. Draft a Tweet promoting the book you have read. Tweets contain up to 280 characters. Be sure to include the title, author, a very short description without giving the plot away. Writing a short review is harder than you think! Incorporate at least one hashtag # or the author’s handle. A hashtag is used in front of a keyword or phrase and helps categorize the tweet during a search. You can email the draft of your tweet to Mrs. O’Malley at aomalley@walpole.k12.ma.us or hand it in to the Media Center the first two weeks of school. Your tweet may be used on the BMS Media website! Design a promotional book poster. Draw a picture of the book cover or an important scene/element from the book. Make it look like a movie poster. At the top list the title and author. Include a quote from you about why you liked the book and why others should read it too. At the bottom include an exciting plot description without giving away the ending. Your promotional book poster may be hung in the Media Center or school hallway!

Summer Reading Documents

Summer Reading List- Book descriptions included PDF

Note Taking Guide for all Grades

Chapter Summary Form for all grades

If needed, you can Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is required to access these documents.